Location: Mt. Marcy
Date & Time: 3AM - 2PM, Saturday September 4, 2021

This was my first amazing solo hiking and the wildest road trip I ever did in my life by far. It's not something I would encourage others to do though due to the risks involved. In between the trip was a 10 hours drive one way to the trailhead. The length of the drive isn't crazy to me, since I've driven almost that much in the past not once but numerous times.

Anyways, as I said before, this was my first solo hike I've ever done and it went almost well.

Proper equipment and gear

  • Softshell jacket
  • Fleece cap
  • Salomon goretex boots
  • Wool socks
  • Trekking poles
  • 200mg Caffeine tablets
    Proper plannings
  • Alltrail app - perfect for GPS tracking on the topographical map
  • Hiking time estimates were accurate
  • Utilized all available resources to conduct investigation in to the trail
    • Determined wind patterns
    • Analyzed topographical terrain
    • Monitored daily weather patterns over the duration of three weeks
    • Followed several national park social media account to check on the weather, snow, etc.
    • Monitored water temperature and level
  • Basic land navigation and fundamental topographical map reading became valuable for night time movement and to also determine the duration to next waypoint based on the distances


  • Basic medkit
    • Double check contents
    • Ibuprofens
    • TQ
  • Water filter - Reduce the weights of the backpack
  • Paper cash - In case park accepts cash only
  • Gloves liner - Protects from winds and water
  • Backpack liner - Protects from water
  • Solar Powerbank - Recharge electronic devices
  • Lessen pack weights - packed for desert climate in Alpine climate
  • Ropes - For emergency purpose
  • Pack L-Theanine to counter caffeine negative side effects
  • Bring spare clothes to leave in car
  • Camera - smaller len with wider angle
  • Bring fleece neck gaiter
  • Measure the weights of gear and backpack
  • Get additional equipments
  • Garmin Instinct Solar
  • Garmin GPS Satellite handheld
  • Improve food system

Order following items for first order
Water filter
Gloves liner
Fleece neck gaiter
Second order
Backpack liner
Garmin GPS Satellite handheld
Garmin Instinct Solar