We cannot predict the future, something my parents always say to me. The statement eventually form the core of my beliefs to how to live life.

It's been a while since my last post. Numerous life events have occurred in my life since then. As a result I've been spending the past months training with my buddy to scale Mt. Whitney summit next year. Every weekend we're hitting a trail of some sort, logging our accomplishments and collecting samples along our long journey. When we're not hitting the trail then we're conditioning ourselves at home or at the gym alone or with someone.

I've also been working on improving myself to become an ideal envisioned version of myself. I sought out professional help for my depression, and consequently I discovered I have a generalized anxiety. The findings actually made me feel more comfortable with myself and improved my self-esteem somewhat, realizing now why I felt and acted the way I did. With the diagnoses I'll be able to move forward to help improve my mental health, and eventually my overall health.

New goals and life roadmap have been drawn up as well. Education-wise, I'm actively studying for my CISSP and CISM certifications, respectively, with hope to return to school next year to complete my education and obtain my degrees. With my sister finally receiving her degree, I no longer have to worry too much about keeping my family financially afloat. Therefore, it's going to be my turn to shine.

Beyond education, and in to hobbies/career, I've been pursuing Opensource Intelligence route, reading up new techniques and developing new mental models to help tackle challenges, participating in OSINT communities to help aid in the investigations. The endgoal is to move my career direction toward cybersecurity and intelligence gathering.

Being single now after ending a ten years relationship, I have ton of available time and no excuse to why I can't do things that I want to do. There are numerous bucketlist items and tasks I want to accomplish this year before 2021 end. There's only four months remaining and I know those months will fly by real fast. 30 is also around the corner for me, therefore I really want to accomplish as much as possible in the next two years. That's a total of less than 28 months to accomplish great feats.

I can do it.

My last trip to Ohio Reformatory in Mansfield, OH.

So, with all that said, I will be active as ever in blogging my journey between now and 2023 of all my accomplishments, my journey, my emotions, my personal development.

Cheer to the beautiful peaceful future I will create as I embark on my journey.