Welcome to California, home to the entertainment industry and a technological hub for tech companies along the west coast!

Lima Charlie is a small sci-fi MOBA game for PC. The game put player in a role of a mech fighting crimes in an alternate universe where California officially became a failed state and as a result high crimes pervade the region.

I've been away from game development scene for nearly ten years. With stable career, financial security, and improved mental health I feel comfortable enough to give game dev another try as a hobby. Beginning 2019 I've been planning and working on and off on Lima Charlie as I go. Significant much of the efforts last year were put in to project planning, learning modern tools, and learning game programming.

This year, however, I intend on creating an early prototype of the game to test with my family, and then test the market. As of this moment, the project is being developed by just me with two contributors assisting with music composition and concept art.

Ultimately, I just want to create a game with co-op skirmish that my family members and in-laws can have fun playing during our night gatherings where we play together against AIs.