I've wanted to take photos with my personal film cameras and develop those pictures myself for a long time. Obviously I grew up operating digital camera, so having to go back to the root require a shift in my mentality and having to really understand the technicality side of camera operation and physics. Also, initially I had thought the film development process was cumbersome and it require some sort of specialized skills and lab equipments. Nonetheless I began to make efforts in learning how to operate my film cameras I have in possession. Plus, what good is operating a film camera and taking film pictures if I'd be relying on film lab to process pictures?

Some time have passed I have finally sourced all the supplies needed for a DIY black and white film processing. I took to Youtube and read a few online articles here and there to become familiarize with the process. In the end I settled on a caffenol solution since it seems to be cheaper down the road.

Here are some of the pictures I developed from a film cartridge I had used at Milsim West's Road to Rostov back in 2015.

This is the start of my journey in to the world of film photography though. I'm looking forward to shifting some of my work toward this direction and see how well received the film photos will be.

In the meantime, I have half a dozen of color films that will also need to be processed. Because they're color films, the methodology for processing is somewhat different and also require different solutions. I'm hopeful I can source the supplies soon and begin to do experiment on C-41 films asap. The used film cartridges sitting around in my container are rich with memories that I'm eager to develop and share with friends.