It seems to me that life, of course, is empty, and there is no sense in it as a whole, and there is no destiny, that is, such a definite, obvious one, so that one was born - and everything, you already know: my destiny is to be there, an astronaut, or , say, a ballerina, or die in infancy, although this is, of course, worse. No not like this.

When you live through the allotted time... How to explain it... It may happen that some event happens to you that makes you perform certain actions and make certain decisions, and you have a free choice - you want, do it, you want it, that way. But if you make the right decision, then further things that will happen to you will no longer be just random events, as you put it... They will be conditioned by the choice you made. I don't mean that if you decided to live on the Red Line before as it became red, you can't get anywhere from there, and things will happen to you correspondingly, I'm talking about more subtle matters.

But in general, if you again stood at a crossroads and again made the necessary decision, then you will have a choice that will no longer seem random to you, if, of course, you guess and are able to comprehend it. And your life will gradually cease to be just a set of accidents, it will turn... into a plot, or something, everything will be connected by some logical, not necessarily direct connections, and this will be your destiny.

At a certain stage, if you have gone far enough along your path, your life turns into a plot so that strange things begin to happen to you, inexplicable from the point of view of naked rationalism or your theory of random events.

But on the other hand, they will fit very well into the logic of the storyline into which your life has now turned. That is, fate simply does not happen, you have to come to it, and if the events in your life gather and begin to line up in a plot, then you can be thrown into such a distance... The most interesting thing is that a person himself may not even suspect that this is happening to him, or to imagine what is happening is fundamentally wrong, to try to systematize events in accordance with your worldview.

But fate has its own logic.

- Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2033