It's been a few days since I've touched down in Ohio and I have done a bit since. I traveled around the area and revisiting some spots that I went to the last time I came out. Walked around downtown Cleveland looking for cool architecture that were worth taking pictures of and at the same time checking out the local restaurants that were opened.

Observing the crowds, I was surprised by the large demographic of southern Asians and Africans in the downtown area. Because of that, a question formed in my head: what's the history here that led to such a large demographics? Outside of the downtown region, I also noticed a lot of Eastern European demographics– The Poles, Hungarian, and Ukrainian names stuck out to me, though I've seen Northern European names being common around the area too.

The sense of fashion is quite different here compare to back home. Less colors, less graphics, I would say the dress etiquette seems to be much more modest and contemporary.

Anyways, have some pictures that I took. I'll continue to post my travel story later this week when I have the time. This one was rushed!